Building A Future-Ready Customer Service Experience

March 22nd, 1pm EST

One of the challenges of our time is deciding where to put more, or less, human interaction into customer service and the customer experience. Micah Solomon will explore customer experience in the age of social media, self-service, global competition and endless distractions. This discussion will focus on the largest buying power in the marketplace today - the digital-savvy consumer. Are you ready to serve them, profit from them, and keep them coming back? Micah’s renowned research and writing on the subject for enliven this unique presentation.


    Join us for an entertaining yet educational look at what it takes to build a future-ready customer service experience.


    Micah will deliver practical strategies and astute observations about customer experience in the digital world. His presentation is around 30 minutes and there will be time to have  YOUR questions answered.

  • About Micah

    Micah Solomon is a business speaker, consultant, thought leader and bestselling business author.Micah is known for his ability to transform customer experience, spot consumer trends, improve customer service, and build true customer engagement and loyalty. Micah has been named by The Financial Post the “New guru of Customer Service Excellence".

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