A Jacada Webinar Featuring a Panel of Experts in Customer Service Automation

Deliver Consistent CX With
Your #WFH Call Center.

Boost Help Desk Productivity Using Smart Agent Assistants

Powered by Conversational AI and Robotic Process Automation

Held on April 29, 2020


The stakes could not be higher.

Today, you may have a stressed out workforce, but you still need to deliver a consistent customer experience. 

Look beyond traditional workforce management and develop an action plan to master agent assistance and task management during this time of shared lockdown.

Join our panel of experts for a fluid discussion on how to empower your help desk using AI and Robotic Process Automation.

We'll uncover blind spots and demo innovative solutions you can quickly launch to simplify the new world of work from home for the call center workforce.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How To Overcome #WFH Blind Spots associated with a Traditional Approach to Workforce Management
  • How To Simplify Onboarding and Training With Agent Guidance & Task Automation
  • How To Master Agent Assistance Using AI and RPA
  • How To Create An Action Plan To Boost Call Center Productivity During Our Shared Lockdown

Who Should Listen:

  • Customer Operations, Contact Centers & Customer Service Pros
  • Workforce Management, Information Security & Business Continuity Pros
  • Customer Experience Strategy & Execution Pros
  • COOs, CIOs, CTOs and Digital Transformation Pros

Adam Rennert

Co-Founder, President at PeakView, Inc.

Adam is a Cloud Contact Center expert with over 20 years of experience in engineering, product management, sales and support. He played several leadership roles at CenturyLink, Integra and ShoreTel before he co-founded PeakView to help Fortune 500 clients and mid-sized enterprises successfully transform operations to the cloud and meet emerging customer experience needs. 


Dr. Guy Yogev

Managing Partner at BDO Customer Management

Dr. Yogev has over 20 years of experience in the field of customer management and for the past 4 years he is with BDO’s customer management consulting unit. Guy advises enterprises, startups, NPOs and governments on issues of customer experience management, service excellence, voice of customer, digital transformation, behavioral economics and servicizing. He is a marketing and service lecturer at Ben Gurion University.

Michael Haisten

Michael Haisten

Principal Consultant, Customer Service AI at Jacada

Michael loves applying both technology and psychology to solve business challenges including improving customer experiences and driving digital adoption in the customer service arena. He’s developed a unique perspective having spent 8 years leading self-service and channel strategy within a customer care organization and 8 years helping customers of technology companies like Jacada.

Kumaran Shanmuhan

Kumaran Shanmuhan

Chief Growth Officer at Jacada

Kumaran heads up solutions and marketing at Jacada. He’s passionate about the interplay between customer experience and automation. He believes that there’s got to be a better way to deliver great customer service and has got the scars to prove it.